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Hand-built, Alkota offers the finest, most reliable pressure washers and cleaning equipment in the world. Every morning we come to work with a simple goal: the perfect fit for our customers — not just in what we deliver, but how we deliver it. There are few cleaning tools available that are as effective as they are impressive. Nothing illustrates this more than the top rated Alkota pressure washers sold by Steam Cleaners Inc. These pressure washer models have revolutionized cleaning across a wide array of commercial industries, from waste management to agriculture.

Alkota pressure washers manufactures both hot and cold pressure washers to ensure that no mess is insurmountable. While cold pressure washers can quickly wash away caked dirt or mud, hot pressure washers work away at grease and stains. Whatever your cleaning application, technicians at Steam Cleaners Inc can help you find the perfect hot or cold pressure washer and show you how to use it. With an engineering staff with a combined 150 + years of experience in the industry, Alkota’s motto is If you can dream it, we can build it.

With over 50 years of experience, Steam Cleaners Inc. is California’s leading cleaning equipment distributor for Fresno, Stockton, Bakersfield, Sacramento & Concord. We are here to help you create a cleaner tomorrow.

Our Most Popular Hot Water Pressure Washer Models:

AX4 Belt series

Pressure Washer Hot Water – Discover the 216AX4 hot power washer, where power, performance, and mobility help you get the job done. The Alkota X4 series is the most popular hot water pressure washer in the industry, guaranteed to provide results you will love. This belt driven pressure washer features a triplex pump that runs at a lower RPM for a cooler, quieter operation. You will love the four-wheel design, and it will travel easily over any surface.

XH4 Belt

The new Alkota XH4 Electric Driven Diesel Fired Portable Hot Water Washer is our new product for 2021.  Our team of engineers and product developers have designed a great new horizontal Hot Water Washer for your cleaning needs.  We’ve taken the best of all worlds in the XH4 Series and developed a highly effective, efficient, well-balanced machine. The XH4 Series is available with flow rates up to 4 GPM and pressures up to 3,000 PSI. 

XD4 Direct

he all-new Alkota 4405XD4 Gas Engine Diesel Fired Portable Hot Washer. A product that was designed by our team of engineers and product developers for 2021.  The Alkota 4405XD4 packs a powerful punch in a compact package. The  4405XD4 offers 4 GPM @ 4,000 PSI with the same great high efficiency proven Alkota Hydro  Insulated Schedule 80 Coil for all your hot water applications. The Stainless Steel wrapped coil offers you up to 200°F.

Gas Fired X4

Pressure Washer LP Gas Fired – Discover the LP fired hot power washer, where power, performance, and mobility help you get the job done. The Alkota X4 series is the most popular hot water pressure washer in the industry, guaranteed to provide results you will love. This belt driven pressure washer features a triplex pump that runs at a lower RPM for a cooler, quieter operation.

01 Series, Gas Fired stationary (eg 5181, 5301)

Power Washer LP Gas Heated – You are guaranteed to love Alkota stationary LP gas fired Model 5301 for its performance, durability and serviceability. Alkota gas fired hot pressure washers give you maximum cleaning efficiency by providing water temperatures between 180 – 200 degrees F. This gas fired power washers is a stationary, cabinet style, providing you with cleaning power of 5 GPM @ 3000 PSI. 

05 Series, Gas Engine Diesel Skid (eg 5505)

Pressure Washer Hot Water Gas Engine – 5 GPM @ 4000 PSI featuring a belt driven pump and 115v burner system powered by a 3000-watt generator. This full size skid unit is built with a schedule 80 coil and stainless steel coil wrapper and is great for trailer, truck or van mounting. 5405 hot water skid has a welded frame and a solid channel engine/pump mount that reduces vibration and wear on your engine and pump. 

07 Series, Diesel Engine Diesel Skid (eg 8307, 5357C)

Hot Water Pressure Washer Diesel Engine Skid – You will not find a more durable heated power washer on the market. Diesel engine pressure washers can be found in the toughest cleaning environments. Alkota diesel engine hot pressure washers feature an isolated channel with vibration dampers to extend the life of your investment. The 8307 is powered by a Kohler diesel engine and 2000-watt generator that runs the 115v burner system.

08 Series, All Electric (eg 4308)

Power Washers Industrial Hot Water – All electric hot water pressure washer is designed for area where you need maximum cleaning power where space is tight and open flames are out of the question. Whether the job site is a manufacturing firm, food processing facility, chemical plant or mining operation, Alkota’s All Electric Model 4308 will give you the cleaning power you need in a safe flameless package. 

HHS Series Cold Water

Cold Water Pressure Washer – The HHS or Hog House Special cold water pressure washer was originally designed for use in swine cleaning operations, but this proven power washer can be used for so much more. The HHS cold water pressure washer features: Galvanized frames, Belt driven pump, Low pressure chemical, 18 1/2” wide frame that can move through the narrowest doors, totally enclosed motor. 

S & SH Series Cold Water Electric

Cold pressure washer -The Alkota 530SH cold water pressure washer is portable cold water power washers designed to handle incoming hot water up to 180 degree F. SH cold water pressure washers are perfect for applications where you have an in house boiler, water heater, or another hot water source. SH models feature a heavy duty welded roll cage frame with a lifting hook. 

Oil Fired Water Heaters

Water Heater Oil Fired – Provides instantaneous and continuous hot water in a portable package featuring a built in fuel tank. Model 360 fires 364,000 BTU into a spiral design heat exchanger with schedule 80 steel pipe. The fuel source can be diesel or kerosene. Hot water heaters from Alkota feature our industry leading hydro insulated coil. 

Electro Magic Dirt Busterc

Electro-Magic pressure washers tackle the toughest cleaning chores with ease. They’re rugged and dependable, and we build them to last. We include sensible but innovative features that help you get the job done quickly.

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