Automotive Pressure Washers & Cleaning Equipment

The automotive industry comes with a slew of cleaning & sanitation issues that are inherent to the industry, including oil, rubber, solvents, hardware, and other daily grime.

It’s essential to have an efficient cleaning strategy in place. At Steam Cleaners Inc., our selection of automotive pressure washers and cleaning equipment for our stores in Fresno, Bakersfield, Sacramento, Concord & Stockton will help you stand out from the rest.

Concerning dealerships, Steam Cleaners Inc. has the cleaning solutions you need to maintain a safe, spotless, and professional shop. From the showroom, front offices, and wherever you interact with customers, with our sweeping machines, automotive pressure washers, and steam cleaners.

For body shops & service stations, we understand that a cheap environment means more customers and faster revenue. Our wide array of automotive pressure washers, vacuums, and floor scrubbers & sweepers will help you keep both your interior and exterior operations look great and off your back.

With over 50 years of experience, Steam Cleaners Inc. is California’s leading cleaning equipment distributor for Fresno, Stockton, Bakersfield, Sacramento & Concord. We are here to help you create a cleaner tomorrow.

Top Rated Cleaning Machines for Automotive Dealerships and Service Centers

TRV-3500 Pressure Washer Trailer

Convenient for portable washing, the TRV mobile wash system allows you to easily transport your cleaning equipment virtually anywhere. This rugged trailer system is fully customizable.


Compact yet heavy duty, VHG is ideal for congested work areas where space is at a premium. Delivers enough power to clean a variety of challenges. Optional wireless remote control available.


No fumes, no noise, safe to store under stairs or in a closet, and perfect for in-plant cleaning. Wireless remote system, time delay shutdown, and other labor saving options are available.


Contact pressure adjustment: The contact pressure can be manually adjusted to various settings. The advantages are clear: no risk of burn-in effects on sensitive floors; reduced motor power consumption – for longer battery operation; less brush or pad wear. Intelligent keys: the KIK system (Kärcher Intelligent Key) Two keys, two colors: gray for supervisors or programmers and yellow for operators. 


Medium volume hose-end foam gun for diluting and applying foaming chemicals to any surface. Uses standard city water pressure to draw chemical concentrate from the attached bottle and blend it into the water stream.


Steam Cleaners Inc. carries a wide assortment of industrial cleaning chemicals specially formulated to use in car washes as well as cleaning equipment, such as pressure washers and parts washers. 

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