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name brand industrial Cleaning Detergents and degreasers for pressure washers

Whether you are in need of a heavy degreaser, or need something safe for paint, our cleaning chemicals product line represents tested, proven, and dependable products for the best results in your cleaning needs. Produced on site at our Fresno location, Our team has extensive knowledge in both cleaning equipment and chemicals, and would gladly help you determine which product you might need.


Proven Pressure Washer Detergents


  • The world’s best graffiti remover is a sprayable liquid that quickly dissolves graffiti. It has a pleasant fresh and clean scent as it soaks through graffiti.
  • Designed for unpainted surfaces including brick, cinder block, slate, marble granite, stucco, terra cotta, and many other surfaces. It will remove spray paint, latex paint, enamel paint, and lacquer.
  • Will easily remove multi-layered graffiti that has been painted over! It is so effective the need to pre coat masonry with sacrificial or permanent coatings is not necessary. Taginator Graffiti Remover is non-flammable and V.O.C. compliant.
  • Is available in the following sizes: quart bottle, 1gallon bottle and 5 gallon pail.

Concrete Cleaner

  • Concrete Cleaner is effective removing oil, grease, baked-on carbon, tar and asphalt from unfinished concrete floors, walls and grout. Safe to use on aluminum, stainless steel, glass, plastic and painted surfaces.

RM 99 Solar Cleaner

  • RM 99 Solar Cleaner is highly efficient cleaner specifically engineered to clean the unique surfaces of solar and photovoltaic systems.


  • Is a high foam, concentrated cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer that is non-toxic, biodegradable and non-abrasive.Contains concentrated surfactants, builders and emulsifiers making it particularly effective on grease and fatty soils.
  • Degreases engines, vehicles and cleans wheels.  Excellent in car wash or bus washes automated systems.  Can be used on Formica tops, painted walls, floor, tile ovens appliances, kitchen equipment, porcelain fiberglass, vinyl, rubber or any surface not harmed by water.  It even works in laundry as a pre spotter.
  • Also contains water-conditioning agents so it works in hard water.  It rinses clean and leaves no residue.
  • Is available in the following sizes: 1gallon bottle, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum and 250 gallon totes.


  • Is a low foam, fast acting, free rinsing concentrate for use in all types of steam cleaning equipment and pressure washer equipment.  Use to steam clean tractors, fifth wheels, engines, truck trailers, construction equipment, machinery plant equipment, trucks, electric motors, and farm equipment.
  • For removal of heavy greases and grime.  Contains special additives to minimize foaming and to help prevent lime and scale build up in coils.
  • Is safe for use on aluminum, magnesium and non-ferrous metals.
  • Is available in the following sizes: 1gallon bottle, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum and 250 gallon tote.


  • Contains caustics, builders and surfactants that cut through thick grease and dirt. A free rinsing and fast acting concentrate. This is the one for those really tough jobs.
  • For use in all types of cleaning equipment and pressure washer equipment. Use to clean trucks, machinery, floors walls, or any greasy hard surface.  Power Chief is corrosion inhibited to protect your equipment from rust. It is great for cleaning concrete, brick, quarry tiles and tires. It also works to remove carbon and baked –on oils, fats, proteins, starches, sugars, grease, adhesive and glue.
  • Do NOT use on aluminum, galvanized, or other soft metals. Repeated use on painted surfaces will cause dulling and eventual flaking.
  • Contains water conditioners so it works in hard water and rinses clean and leaves no residue. Contains special additives to minimize foaming and to help prevent lime and scale build up in coils.
  • Is available in the following sizes: 1gallon bottle, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum and 250 gallon tote.


  • Is an extra heavy-duty, caustic powder designed for use in all steam cleaners. Especially formulated for cleaning grease and oil.  Its sequestered ability puts magnesium, calcium and other harmful ions in hard water into suspension.  This ability makes water softer and helps prevents deposits and scale build up in coils.
  • Dissolves completely in cold water. Designed with strong grease emulsifiers for rugged work. Excellent for preparing machinery for new paint.  Can be used as a paint stripper by mixing to make a heavy concentration solution.
  • Is available in the following sizes: 50 or 100 pounds


  • Is a heavy duty concentrated powder degreaser that contains surfactants and builders for removing grease, oil and dirt from most surfaces quickly and easily.
  • Non caustic. It is safe on paint, aluminum, galvanized, alloys, rubber, and vinyl, plastic and resilient floors.
  • Works in hard or soft and hot or cold water. It contains agents to control water spotting. Use it in all steam, high pressure, mechanical, and auto floor scrubber machines. It can be used as a hand cleaner as well.
  • Is biodegradable and non-corrosive.
  • Is available in the following sizes: 50 or 100 pounds


  • Is a unique citrus based, natural degreaser that dissolves the toughest oils and grease that regular cleaners cannot.  It also removes wax, ink, resin, and carbon and soot and soap scum.
  • Is ideal for kitchen floors, walls, sinks, counter tops, stainless steel, grills, vents, stove tops, vinyl, plastic, tools porcelain, appliances, bathroom tile, showers, greasy industrial equipment, concrete garage floors and painted surfaces.
  • Contains no petroleum solvents and is safe on washable surface. And is specifically designed for water based and protein stains on any washable surface. It has a unique blend of citrus solvents, surfactants, degreasers and alkaline cleaners.
  • Is available in the following sizes: quart bottle, 1gallon bottle. 55 gallon drum and 250 gallon tote.


  • Is a one step concentrated wash and wax soap. It is a high quality, biodegradable, neutral concentrated wash detergent with a built in wax polymer that leaves a clean polished appearance on cars trucks vans and buses, motor homes, mobile homes, boats etc.
  • This very viscous product has excellent foaming ability, yet its wetting agents and conditioners make foam vanish as soon as the job is finished. Brings new luster to dull paint and causes water to bead-up while dirt and water roll off the vehicle.
  • Is recommended for all types of vehicle body washing. Use in hot or cold pressure washers or hand wash with brush or sponge.  This product virtually eliminates water spotting and is safe on any washable surface.  It is biodegradable and has an almost neutral 8.5 pH.
  • Is available in the following sizes: quart bottle, 1 gallon bottle, 55 gallon drums and 250 gallon tote.


  • Cherry scented concentrated liquid spray wax/ drying agent formulated to provide excellent beading and water breaking to deliver the driest car possible. It brings new luster to dull paint by coating and protecting painted surfaces. It is the ideal choice for operators of friction and touchless car wash.
  • Causes water and emulsified dirt to roll off leaving a spot free surface. It is excellent in liquid wax arches and as a final rinse.
  • Is available in 5 gallon pail and 55 gallon drum.


  • Powdered hot tank stripper which degreases, derusts, and descales iron, steel, stainless steel, chrome, copper (may discolor), nickel, lead and other ferrous metal engine, transmission, food plant and machine parts. Removes carbon deposits.
  • It strips heavy grease and rust quickly and easily. It even removes old paint .
  • It is highly cheatled, which extends tank solution life and reduces hard water scale deposits. Contains a dual surfactant / defoamer system which assure low controlled foam levels at all normal operating conditions.
  • It is ideal for use in the food, printing, and paper, electrical, rubber, glass, steal, petrochemical and utility plants. Also great for engine rebuilders, metal processor and plastic and resin manufactures.
  • Is biodegradable and contains no chromates, fluorides, phenols, cresols or other toxic ingredients. It will not cake, and parts rinse clean with no residue.
  • Is available in 50 or 100 pounds


  • Acid concentrate for wheel cleaning in a professional car wash. It removes soil, clay, oil and other deposits in one easy application.
  • Is an excellent rust remover for steel. It can be diluted and applied through any apparatus designed for this application.
  • Removes carbon and oxidation stains from weathered aluminum.  Leaves tarnished aluminum looking like new.
  • Is available in a 5 gallon pail


  • Is a heavy-duty low foaming cleaner for use with power scrubber and wet vacuum. It features reserved cleaning power and low foam- two properties needed for fast, efficient machine floor cleaning.
  • Its unique combinations of surfactants and builders are effective against most industrial soils including grease and oil. It also contains water-conditioning agents so it works in hard water.  Rinses clean and leaves no residue.
  • Is available in 1 gallon bottle or 55 gallon drums.

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