Steamericas Industrial Steamer Cleaning Machines

At Steam Cleaners Inc, our heavy duty, industrial steam cleaners produce up to 300 degrees of steam. Our steam cleaners make cleaning easy. See for yourself—stop by one of our stores for a demo in the Fresno, Bakersfield area. We’ll help you select the right machine for your job. When it comes to steam cleaners, we oversee wholesale and retail sales of all types of hot and cold industrial cleaning equipment & can accommodate parts and service for most makes and models of cleaning equipment.

Steamerica’s Optima Steamer was environmentally created;, the Optima can generate enough steam to thoroughly clean the surface and interior of the average car using less than a gallon of water; all with little-to-no runoff, which is perfect for drainless facilities! With powerful dry vapor steam capable of sanitizing a vehicle’s interior without the need of chemicals, the power generated by an Optima Steamer leaves fabrics free of harmful residues all while ensuring no toxic wastes are pouring into storm drains. Safer for pets, kids and the environment.

The Optima & Contigo steamers provide steam cleaning in a variety of models including diesel and electric. Optima steam cleaner models include: XD, DMF, CMF, SE-II, XE & Contigo Pro 7 Pro Plus for your every steam cleaning need.


Optima XD

The diesel-powered Optima Steamer™ XD is our flagship steamer, redesigned with next generation features that make it easier to harness the cleaning power of steam. The XD boasts an LCD display for easier operation, larger water and fuel tanks with visible gauges, a more compact size and an easy-access chassis that makes maintenance and repair a breeze.

Optima XE

The XE all-electric industrial steamer offers zero-emission dry steam cleaning with simplified operation and maintenance. The XE combines the world-famous power of Optima all-electric steamer with an improved durable design, increased water capacity, and bright LCD monitor that makes it possible for anyone to operate. The SE-II operates on 3-phase electric power and is available in 3 models based on their performance: 12K (12000 watt), 18K (18000 watt), and 27K (27000 watt).

Optima CFM

Optima Steamer’s answer to wet steam. Heated by the powerful burner system behind the Optima Steamer, the CMF uses a stainless steel double coil powered by strong water pump to produce on-demand wet steam that travels further and hotter than other wet steamers. The Optima Steamer CMF can withstand up to 100’ of hose length without compromising its steam power.


The Optima Steamer™ SE-II is the next step in dry steam technology, blending unmatched power and performance with simplified operation. This stainless steel all-electric steam generator produces powerful dry steam for industrial sanitization for food processing and various manufacturing needs. The SE-II operates on 3-phase electric power and is available in 3 models based on their performance: 18K (18000 watt), 27K (27000 watt) and 42K (42000 watt). ASME compliant models are also available.

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