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Weedtechnics provides the best in weed Abatement equipment

Weedtechnics provides the best in tailored weed control solutions for Councils, Contractors, Business owners, Horticulturists and others with amazing results consistently since 1999.

Their patented technology, SatusteamTM, is a combination of saturated steam and boiling water that helps nurture the soil and promote sustainability. Weedtechnics can provide a complete solution- machine and accessories that together deliver an excellent weeding experience.

With over 50 years of experience, Steam Cleaners Inc. is California’s leading cleaning equipment distributor for Fresno, Stockton, Bakersfield, Sacramento & Concord. We are here to help you create a cleaner tomorrow.

Our Most Popular Models:

Green Ninja Stealth

The Green Ninja Stealth is the most affordable, compact and manoeuvrable unit available. This is an electric machine which is quieter for operators, neighbours, and pets.

Green Ninja Pro

The Green Ninja Pro is one of the more compact Weedtechnics machines with maximum manoeuvrability, making it ideal for schools and nurseries. Connect the Green Ninja Pro to a tap or tank and steam away.


The SW800 model is our affordable entry-level steam weed control machine designed to deliver 5L of Satusteam per minute. It is ideal for handheld application of satusteam in municipal situations such as parks, garden beds, streets and for smaller scale organic growers.


The SW900 units have a patented delivery system and are designed to run multiple applicator heads. The SW900 is ideal for most horticultural applications such as vines, orchards and row crops. It can also be used for municipal applications. This model comes with a petrol-powered Briggs and Stratton engines to run the pump.


The SW2100 is base level Satusteam weed control machine for horticultural and agricultural set up. Rigged with the whole Weedtechnics weed control system, the SW2100 is a high-performing piece of equipment, capable of running combinations of multiple applicator heads (like the Orchard Head 120) and implements (like the Tracktech). It is the predecessor of the SW3100.


With the capacity to deliver around 40L of Satusteam™ per minute, the SW3800 is one of our largest mighty weed control machines. It works with high-strength applicator heads and implements suitable for large acres.

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